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    FITWHEY is a unique water based protein drink combined with caffeine, B vitamins and is naturally sweetened, flavored and colored.


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    Fitness Celebrity Felicia Romero is an avid user of FITWHEY. She shares her insights, tips on training and healthy recipes!



20g Whey Isolate Protein

150mg Caffeine

100 Calories

Naturally Sweetened, Flavored and Colored



If you’re looking for a protein energy drink that’s nutritious, supports both lean muscle growth and weight loss plus gives you sustained energy for workouts, FITWHEY is the drink for you. Many energy drinks and protein supplements have serious drawbacks. They may be high in sugar or calories, for example. FITWHEY is a unique water-based protein drink that is naturally sweetened, flavored and colored that combines the highest quality whey protein isolate with caffeine and only 100 calories!

Finding the Best Protein and Energy Supplement

There are many reasons that people consume energy drinks nowadays. They can be used as meal replacements to lose weight, to provide energy for workouts or simply because you don’t have time to eat a complete meal. When choosing a protein energy drink, however, you want to make sure you’re taking something that actually helps you achieve your goals. FITWHEY, a water-based, gluten-free and lactose-free drink, is something you can take with confidence.There are proven benefits to adding protein to your diet, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. There’s a good reason that so many athletes take whey protein to supplement their protein intake. Whey protein isolate is 90 percent protein and many people find it more digestible than cow’s milk. It contains all of the essential amino acids that are so important for building muscle and helping you recover quickly.At the same time, there are many whey protein supplements to choose from. Not all of them are equally beneficial. Some are made with whey protein concentrate, which is much lower in protein than isolate. Others add excessive amounts of sugar or other unwanted ingredients. With FITWHEY, you’re getting protein and energy without the things you’d rather avoid. 

Benefits of FITWHEY

  • If you’re trying to lose weight, build strength, or give yourself more energy and endurance for everyday life, the right protein and energy supplement can help. However, it’s important to choose one that’s really going to support your goals. Here are some of the reasons that more and more people are choosing FITWHEY.
  • Each Bottle Contains 20 Grams of High-Quality Protein – Whey protein isolate is concentrated protein from cow’s milk that supports building muscle and burning fat.
  • Gives You Energy for Workouts – Whether you take FITWHEY before or during a workout, you’ll have more energy. In addition to the protein, each bottle contains caffeine and B vitamins for lasting energy.
  • Great to Drink Any Time of Day – FITWHEY is the ideal way to start the day. Since it contains caffeine, it can replace your morning coffee or tea. The protein will satisfy you and keep you going all morning. You can also drink it as a meal replacement or snack any time of day.
  • Supports Healthy Weight Loss – If you’re trying to lose weight safely, FITWHEY can help. Each bottle contains only 100 calories and is naturally sweetened, flavored and colored. The combination of protein, caffeine and other ingredients increases your metabolism, controls your appetite and helps you burn fat and lose weight.
  • Several Great-Tasting Flavors to Choose From – Whether you choose Berry, Grape, Orange and Lemonade, you’ll find that FITWHEY is a tasty energy drink with protein that you’ll actually enjoy drinking.

FITWHEY Helps You Create a Healthier Lifestyle

What you put into your body has a major impact on your health. If you want to see positive changes, you may have to change your habits. This includes your diet, activity level and the supplements you consume. FITWHEY is a unique energy drink with protein that supports a variety of health and fitness goals. It combines the value of a protein drink with the added benefits of caffeine and vitamins for energy. Whether you take it as a booster for your workouts or as part of a weight loss program, you’ll find that FITWHEY helps you look and feel your best.

Help us give back

FITWHEY is proud to have partnered with the Military Muscle Foundation. Military Muscle Foundation’s mission is to combat and promote awareness for both veteran and military suicide, alongside PTSD. A PERCENTAGE OF EVERY CASE SOLD ONLINE WILL BE DONATED TO THE FOUNDATION!