• Annette

    As a working mother who wakes up at 5am to go to the gym I love FITWHEY. It’s breakfast in a bottle with 20g of protein..caffeine and only 90 calories and the taste is amazing!

  • Andy

    I am not a super athlete, I’m a 58 year old woman who runs half marathons with her family, and is an avid consumer of FitWhey! Several years ago, I had bariatric surgery. For the first three months, I found it very difficult to take in all the protein I needed, I hated the taste of most of the options available on the bariatric surgery website, and my stomach was just too small to ingest what it needed. To make matters worse, I was a huge coffee drinker! FitWhey became the answer to all my problems. I’m still drinking it as a pre-workout drink before running. Thank you, thank you FitWhey for your help first in adjusting to eating and secondly, helping me get ready for those 6:00 AM long runs!

  • Nick

    I drink FITWHEY to keep my from getting tired mid-shift

  • Cameron

    FitWhey has helped take my workouts to the next level! Perfect mixture of protein to energy to help you repair and keep you going. This is a fantastic product to help people live the FitWhey!

  • Ty

    Lately I’ve been using FITWHEY during my workouts to feed my muscles and keep my energy up!

  • Sara

    I have no excuses. I drink FITWHEY to stay on track anytime and anywhere. I love it

  • Monique

    FITWHEY is great for helping me to push through those extra sets

  • Natasha

    I always need a FITWHEY fix! It’s a part of my training routine and helps me achieve my fitness goals

  • FITWHEY Family

    FITWHEY helps us keep the party going!

  • Troy
  • Nicole
  • Martae & Shawna
  • Lisa
  • Maebelle
  • Alex Naddour
  • J Tucker
  • Felicity
  • Justin Miller

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