Pre/During Workout

FITWHEY for Pre/During Workout

There has been much debate on whether it is better to consume whey protein before or after a workout. Studies show that both are beneficial.

Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk, and is considered an excellent choice for high quality protein because it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to build and repair your muscles.  Whey protein is known to be bioavailable, meaning your body can use it with quickly and with minimal waste. It is recommended to consume 20g of whey protein prior to or during your workout.  When taking before a workout, FITWHEY can provide your body with much needed protein for intensive workouts and can help to prevent muscle breakdown while you are exercising.

But what makes FITWHEY truly unique and a valuable asset prior to or during your workout is that we add 150mg of caffeine and tons of B vitamins.  We all want plenty of energy and intensity when working out and studies show that consuming caffeine prior to or during your workout not only increases energy but mental focus as well.

By combining 20g of whey isolate protein with caffeine and b vitamins FITWHEY is the ultimate pre and during workout drink.  With three great tasting non carbonated flavors FITWHEY won’t leave you feeling full or bloated during an intense training session.

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