I have been thinking a lot about self-sabotage lately.  I know I have gone through this not only with my health and fitness but also relationships. I have also been having a lot of discussions lately with clients and members who also create self sabotage in their life which led me to write this blog and really analyze what causes this behavior and some steps I have taken to minimize it.


Self-sabotage is like a game of mental tug of war. I remember when I was highly involved in competing that I was afraid to succeed and the pressures to do well would overtake me…I would have moments of self-sabotage with food. It was this constant game with my head. Feeling terrified to eat off my diet then guilty when I did stray away from the diet. I made it so much harder on myself than it had to be.

Why did I do that? Why do so many of us keep creating this vicious cycle with their health and fitness? I have been working with people for quite some time now and the number one constant is that many stand in their OWN way. I often use the analogy— “Giving up on your goals because of one setback is like having a flat tire then slashing your other 3 tires because of that one flat”. DON’T DO THAT!!!


Our minds can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen. I have done this in my personal relationships as well. Reflecting back on the past, I sabotaged relationships out of fear. The fear of being hurt or fear of giving my heart…only to feel alone at the end of the day. I would do it to myself…my self worth was not stronger than my self-sabotage. To fully love yourself is to believe that you are worthy and deserving of love.


Loving yourself helps you overcome the habits of self-sabotage. If you are on a weight loss journey then stop the sabotage, stop the cycle of unhealthy habits and make the choice and commitment to make the change in your life…if you love yourself enough you will do it. Same goes for personal relationships, love yourself to know that you ARE WORTHY and that no circumstance or heartache can make you feel any different about yourself. If you love yourself first then the love you may or may no be getting from a significant other will not affect you.


So stop the cycle! Take control over your life and health. Take the necessary steps to stay track and change your life for the better. I am so glad that I can look back at certain opportunities in my life and say, “I am so glad I did that” instead of “I wish I did that”.


Love yourself; respect your body and most importantly BE HAPPY.


Thank you for reading!

Felicia Romero