20g Whey Isolate Protein

150mg Caffeine

Sugar Free

90 Calories

FITWHEY is a unique water-based protein drink combined with caffeine and a vitamin B pack. With only nine total ingredients including natural flavors and color, FITWHEY is simple in its intent: to provide 20g of the highest quality whey isolate protein with a boost of energy.
FITWHEY is ideal as a pre/during workout drink. Drink half on your way to the gym and the other half while working out. We promise you will find that you get an energy packed workout that keeps you going strong with every sip! More importantly, you are feeding your muscles the highest quality whey isolate protein during your workout.

FITWHEY is also the perfect “first thing in the morning” drink, as its recommended to start your day with protein. Plus, many of us already consume some form of caffeine upon waking up. With FITWHEY, you get both caffeine and protein in one great tasting drink.
Need an afternoon boost? FITWHEY is the answer when it’s 3pm and you’re hitting that mid-day slump. It’s nutritional and will give you a much needed energy boost. Plus, your body will appreciate the 20g of whey isolate protein, because it will help to stabilize the afternoon jitters and crash.

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